Aiway Halland

The Region's new venture for future health innovations

Based on Region Halland’s unique structure for healthcare data and Halmstad University’s competence within artificial intelligence (AI), we will build a strong international platform for health innovations together with a select number of companies. The goal is to jointly develop new products, services and solutions.

Our vision

Sustainable and individual-based health for all

Human health is central to a functional society. Our vision is a world where all people – regardless of background, gender, income or education – have the tools and ability to take care of their own health. And that the possibility of improved health is to a high degree adapted to the individual and situation.

Our mission

We provide the conditions for individual-based and equal health. With medical expertise, early and close contact with end users, artificial intelligence and unique access to data, we can define needs and provide solutions to several of the major health challenges facing the individual.


Together with our partners, we can contribute with new services, products and solutions that improve human health.

Our four concrete goals

• A well-developed effective innovation system linked to health innovation in Halland.


• The regional business community has increased its capacity for renewal and long-term growth linked to new health innovations.


• Halmstad University has strengthened its R&D base within the field of AI and has even stronger national and international connections.


• The public sector actors in Halland have developed their capacity to work with innovation processes together with a diverse range of actors.

Unique data structure and international collaboration across disciplines

Region Halland collaborates with a representation from Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital i Boston, USA, and world-leading researchers from Halmstad University that have built a completely unique structure for processing data. This forms the basis for potential new innovations that support individual-based and sustainable health. There is as yet no equivalent anywhere else in Sweden.

Business sector collaborations

Atea • Carmona • Comfort Audio • CubistIT • Cuviva • Detectivo • Ensolution • Entergate • Fysiotest • HallandiaVeritas • Halmstad Stadsnät • Halmstad Fastighets AB • Högskolan i Halmstads Investerings AB • HMS • IP-only • Länsförsäkringar Halland • Medicpen • Microsoft • Phoniro • PS provider • QuiO • Raytelligence • SAP • Sensative • TummyLabs • VectorizeMove • ViniamConsulting • Telenor Connexion

Voices about Aiway Halland

As a small, agile company, we’re good at testing new innovations, but we need to be able to test them and verify them in reality. Aiway Halland gives us the opportunity to quickly gain insights into the needs of the healthcare sector as well as cutting-edge competence in the field of AI and access to information. We expect new orders within one year.

Thomas Davidsson

CEO, Cubist IT
Cubist is a newly-established consultancy company that develops data-driven solutions for the healthcare of the future.

With Aiway Halland, there’s now access to new, individual-based knowledge, to identify opportunities for improvement and to simulate probable effects. This is extremely important decision-making support that makes it possible to both calculate system affects and customise individualised healthcare.

Mikaela Waltersson

(Moderate Party), Chair of the Regional Executive Committee in Region Halland

Our close, uncomplicated collaboration in the innovation environment has attracted attention both nationally and internationally.

Anne-Christine Hertz

Operations Manager, Centre for Health Technology Halland

The analytical and development capabilities we have built together in Halland put the Region in a unique position to create new insights and tailor-made activities to improve and innovate around the patient.

Philip Andersson

Brigham and Women´s hospital, Asst. Prof. Harvard Medical School


Researchers at Halmstad University

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Magnus Clarin

Head of the School of ITE at Halmstad University ℹ

Head of the School of Information Technology (ITE) at Halmstad University

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